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The Es-cha Hut - Catering at 2595 m.a.s.l.

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

... the highest refreshment post offers capuns, a tasty alternative to energy food.

The Es-cha hut at 2594 m above sea level is situated on a mountain ridge in front of the impressive Piz Kesch. As if on a balcony, the trail runners: inside can let their gaze wander from here. The panorama is breathtaking and extends over the entire Bernina Group.

During the well-deserved break, after the energy-sapping climb from Zuoz, during which a difference in altitude of 929 m was covered over a distance of 7.3 km, you can enjoy a well-balanced offer at the highest refreshment post of the Engadin Ultra Trail.

The large selection of drinks and food will be flown to the hut by helicopter along with the other equipment in the week before the event. The highlight of the catering offer is certainly the popular Capuns, which are very popular with the participants and a change from energy food.

The EUT catering crew, who will spend the night in one of the newly renovated rooms of the Es-cha Hut, will be actively supported by the Es-cha Hut team. Silvana Ulmann and Nicola Schwab, together with their hut crew, have been pampering the guests since summer 2019, among whom trail runners are increasingly being counted.

During the well-deserved break, enough energy is recharged to continue along the EUT trail: along the flank of Piz Kesch to Fuorcla Gualdauna and then down to the Albula road.

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