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Engadin Ultra Trail

Engadin Ultra Trail


The Engadin Ultra Trail invites you to enjoy the unique atmosphere in the Engadin for the fourth time in 2024. The Engadin Ultra Trail is just as suitable for newcomers to the trail running world as it is for experienced runners.

Strengthened by many happy participants and positive feedback, the organizing committee is happy to stick to practically the same concept. The routes remain unchanged and also the manageable and familiar atmosphere around the event will be maintained. 

The routes run through the lower, still less known, but not less beautiful part of the Upper Engadine from Zuoz to Celerina.  It is the quieter part of the unique high valley along the Inn River and not as heavily frequented by tourists as the region around St. Moritz.

The varied trails lead through five historic village centers that are well worth seeing and then back up high into the mountains with spectacular vantage points and resonant names such as Corviglia, Muottas da Schlarigna, Muottas Muragl, Munt Seja, the Padella Panoramatrail and Chamanna d'Es-cha.


Again and again, there are fascinating panoramic views over the vastness of the Engadine to marvel at. Participants can overlook a large part of the route at many points and thus always have the next passages in view.


The alternation of mountain and valley sections not only makes the courses attractive and challenging, but also makes it easier to supervise the runners.


The EUT102, EUT53 and ET23 races are ITRA and UTMB index races.


In addition to challenging trails and picturesque views, great emphasis is placed on safety. For each section of the course at alpine altitude there is an alternative route as a bad weather variant. Large parts of the route can be reached by vehicles on forest roads and paths. 97% of the route has a mobile phone connection.


We are looking forward to seeing you!




on 102km, 52km, 23km or 16km for trail beginners or experts.



and discover the "other Engadine"


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