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Roberto's Tip: Compulsory material

Updated: Dec 5, 2021

Depending on the length of the course, you will need to have certain compulsory equipment with you. Since you will be running in the mountains for a long time, this is mainly a precautionary measure for yourself: the distance between the aid stations is longer than in a city run, and the weather in the mountains can change quickly. In addition, the organizer considers environmental and health considerations: a personal drinking cup avoids unnecessary waste and, in Covid 19 times, ensures compliance with hygiene regulations.

The compulsory material will be checked at the bib number distribution; each participant undertakes to have the material with him/her during the entire competition. On the course or at the finish, the compulsory material may be checked by random sampling. Due to the weather conditions, the organising committee can prescribe spare clothes against wet and cold as additional compulsory material at short notice before the start.

I recommend that you purchase the material already now and train with it. That way you can see how easily it can be grasped and whether it presses somewhere on the body.

Let's start with the ET 16: mandatory are a mobile phone, a personal drinking cup, a container for at least 5 dl of liquid, a weatherproof jacket, headgear and sunglasses.

For the ET 23, the rucksack and emergency material are added: a rescue blanket, a whistle, an elastic bandage for an emergency bandage and personal food.

For the EUT 53, you will be on the trails at higher altitudes: you must therefore also have long overtrousers and gloves in your rucksack.

As you will most likely be travelling at night on the EUT 102 route, a headlamp is also compulsory: it must be switched on from 9.30 pm.

The overview can be found in the table in chapter 6.1 (page 11) of the regulations (only German).


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